Mokona no Miko's Mokona Fanart Gallery! *Puu!* /^o^\

Welcome to my Mokona Fanart gallery, o Puued Visitor! /^o^\ *Puu!* Right now there is only my fanart here, but if you want your Mokona/other-Rayearth-characters-with-Mokona fanart displayed here, just email me! (go to the 'contact Mokona no Miko page for my email address)

Well, here's my Mokona fanart!

Displaying your Mokona Fanart Here

Yes, anyone can have their Mokona art up on this page!! *Puu!* /^_-\Just so you know, the Mokona fanart that will be displayed here is not restricted to Mokona only. Yes, of course you can have other characters in your picture! As long as Mokona is somewhere in the picture and looking cute, you can go right ahead and tell me about your fanart, so I can post it here! /^_-\ *Puu!* Make your obsession (or just mild liking) of Mokona known to everyone by putting your fanart here! Puu!

You should, however, have your drawing up on a homepage somewhere, so I won't have to upload it here (I'm kinda running out of space here... /^.^O\)


- Mokona *must* be on the picture. You can have any other character, even from another show, as long as Mokona is there.


- it HAS to be YOUR own personal art, not someone else's!!

- yes, any kind of drawings are accepted - pencil, paint, computer, etc.

- please, have your art ready and uploaded to your page.

- Email me at if you're ready to display your Mokona art here. /^_^\

Well that's all, fellow Mokona-lovers!! Go now to draw your Mokona fanart, display your Mokona obsession here! *Puu!* PEACE, PROSPERITY AND PUU to everyone! /^o^\ Good luck!!

Puupu pupu puu puuu puupupu Puu!